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A little bit about the author:

I’ve been keeping tanks since 2002 and have grown a passion for planted tanks in particular. The amount of misinformation in a variety of blogs, groups, forums and YouTube is frustrating and sometimes even misleading. My wife noticed I was spending a lot of time trying to help provide guidance for those who needed help. Luck would have it that my wife’s a web developer; she suggested we build a site to provide all the information I’m sharing anyway so that others looking can find this information.

I’ve noticed a lot of the misinformation comes from people with opinions without resources or with an understanding of why something works. I prefer a science-based approach. I understand that in this hobby we are all always learning, so I appreciate the input of others and hope that we can build a community of tank keepers who help to inform and help each other. We welcome your input and experience.
We hope that our guide and forums here will be an approachable, supportive source of information for our community. Enjoy!


-Kyle Jones, Author & Creator, Hobbyist since 2002, long-time forum contributor, “always wet”.

Education on maintaining planted aquariums

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