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Transform your aquarium into a thriving plant paradise with the AquascapeGuide Fertilization Kit! This specially formulated fertilizer, rooted in scientific principles, simplifies plant care while delivering stunning results.


Why Choose AquascapeGuide?

  • Science-backed formula: Based on LieBig's Law of the Minimum and the Redfield Ratio, this kit ensures your plants receive all essential nutrients in the optimal balance, preventing deficiencies and stunted growth.
  • Algae control built-in: Maintaining the ideal nitrate-to-phosphate ratio with our kit effectively suppresses hair algae, including string, filamental, and black beard algae, for a clean and vibrant tank.
  • Effortless dosing: Each kit makes 500ml of macro and micro fertilizers. Simply add the dry fertilizers to their designated bottles, fill with water, and you're ready to nourish your plants!


Kit Includes:

  • 2x 500ml dual-neck dosing bottles: Precise measurement and leakproof storage for your macros and micros.
  • 1x Macro fertilizer bag: Contains nitrates, phosphates, and potassium for optimal plant growth.
  • 1x Micro fertilizer bag: Provides essential trace elements for vibrant colors and healthy development.
  • 1x Adorable mini funnel: Makes transferring dry fertilizers into the bottles a breeze


Invest in the AquascapeGuide Fertilization Kit and experience the joy of thriving, algae-free aquarium plants!


Guaranteed Analysis:

N 3.3363%
K 6.0705%
P 0.206292


Fe    0.02976%
Mn    0.02976%
Mg    0.04039%
Zn    0.01041%
Mo    0.07440%
B    0.03720%
Co    0.03720%
Cu    0.01116%
dGH    0.09253%

Dosing Instructions:


Basic Dosing:

  • Start with .1ml per gallon of water, 3 times a week if you are not injecting CO2.
  • If you are injecting CO2 and achieve a 1 point pH drop, use 1ml per gallon of water, 3 times a week.


Fine-Tuning your Dosing:

  • The goal is to boost nitrates by 10ppm and keep them elevated throughout the week.
  • Adjust your dosage based on your nitrate levels:
    • If your tank's nitrates are already at 15ppm, add enough to reach 25ppm and maintain it.
    • If nitrates keep rising, reduce your dosage a few ml.
    • If nitrates stay below 10ppm, increase your dosage a few ml.


For detailed instructions and advanced dosing techniques, refer to the article:


Additional Information:

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Need some labels for your 500ml dual neck dosing bottles? You can buy just the ASG Macros and Micro labels here.